WOTM Update: In Which I Talk About Everything But

So I need to start posting here, and one of the things I want to post about is WOTM.  It’s the nature of bloggery, I think, that reading a post is often like walking into the middle of a conversation or, perhaps more accurately, like watching someone else’s soap opera.  Unlike your own soap which you know intimately and love, this your friend’s soap, which you’re willing to give a shot just to understand what she’s talking about all the damned time.  It is strange and hard to follow.  You don’t know the characters, you can’t keep anyone’s name straight, and you can hardly follow the what’s going on because you don’t know the backstory.

[Sidebar: I find it necessary at this time to interject the following statement: My name is Susan and I am a soap-a-holic.  It’s been five years since my last soap.  I watched a lot of stuff.  I taped a lot of stuff.  I was the kind of person who scheduled my college courses around my shows and took a particular joy in hooking others.  Though I watched a number of both daytime and nighttime soaps at different times, Days of Our Lives was my drug of choice, and if you think it didn’t hurt my heart to see Steve and Kayla on the covers of the soap rags, to know that they were back on the show and I wasn’t going to see it, well, think again.  It was so painful that just the memory of it causes me to construct that kind of lame-ass statement. /tangent]

So, where was I?  *scrolls up to look*  Oh, yeah, so starting a blog that’s new to you is totally like trying to learn a new soap.  It’s hard to follow and you don’t know what’s been going on, and from that perspective I think I might be within my rights to just jump in and start writing the purposely vague and uninformative WOTM progress posts that you will, no doubt, come to expect (not to mention look forward to!) which will go something like this:

Last week I finished Act 1.  Or I thought I did.  Except that after doing a bit of interpretive self-congratulatory dance that caused the trailer to shake ominously on its moorings, I went to my outline to look to the next thing and found out that I had left out the “Intro the Bad Guys” blurb that was supposed to come at the end.  I have no doubt that this omission was quite intentional on some unconscious level, given that I really have no effing clue what my bad-guy characters are like, and so it may not be surprising to you that still haven’t managed to get that done. 

I tend to interrupt myself a lot.  Call it Short Attention Span Theater.  How can you have a long attention span when the box you’re writing in isn’t quite an inch and a half tall and shows like six lines of text?  Hang on…  *realizes one can adjust the editing window and monkeys therewith*  …ooh, better!  Yeah, so what was I saying?  I forget.  Hence the outline.  Oh yeah, the outline.  Despite the fact that I have this massive (for me) outline, rather than just a vague idea of where I’m going, I’m still tending to skip, to some extent, and write the things I’m moved to write first and go back and fill in the spaces after.  [Insert Intro the Bad Guys Blurb here]  Right now I happen to be into thinking about the next meeting betwixt my h/h, and that may well be what I do next.  /vague update

I was going to tell you about WOTM generally.  I really don’t like long posts.  I get scared when I click up on a page and get hit with this big ol’ block of text to slog through.  So know what?  I think I’ll save that for another day.  My daughter’s awake now and I need to extract her foot from the back of my shirt; it’s my errand day and I’ve got a menu to plan, sale flyers to peruse, a grocery list to finalize, and a bunch of other stuff needs doing.  And, oh yeah, possibly some actual writing work. 

Note to self: Tomorrow- more on WOTM, less on Susan. 

See you then.


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One response to “WOTM Update: In Which I Talk About Everything But

  1. Becca

    hello new blog! It’s nice and cozy in here. I hope we get to hear more about wotm soon! 🙂

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