WOTM Update: Sketchy Bad Guys

So here I am with actual progress to report.  I just wrote half of my “Intro to Bad Guys” scene.  It’s a two-part thing with a meeting followed by a phone call.  I’m not crazy about it.  It conveys basic information, setting and set-up, but being the first villain scene, I don’t think it really shows the characters very well. 

 Maybe that’s ok.  Maybe it will be that story funnel thing and I’ll decide it’s ok like it is and that I can build from there, rather than giving away too much in the beginning.  Maybe not. 

Right now I’m just happy I got something writ today.

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One response to “WOTM Update: Sketchy Bad Guys

  1. Becca

    sounds like a good start. That story funnel thing is a pretty nifty idea

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