I need to readjust my counter for the afternoon, but that would involve trying to figure out what I added, and frankly it’s too much bother right now.  Sufficient to say that I wrote a ton.

I wrote a scene that’s over 5K words long.  I don’t usually do that, and I don’t really dislike what I’ve done.  But it makes me think that this 30K novella that turned to a 65K category will now become a 100K full-length novel.  which is no big by itself, except that thinking in that context makes me think I’ve paced it too fast here in the early part.

 Kettle thinks I worry way too much about this crap.

I worked from 7-4.  My house is messy.  There is no supper.


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One response to “Long-Windy

  1. seanachi

    That’s because you DO worry too much about this crap. Chill out and write the story, Pot. Love, Kettle

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