Cooking, Cleaning, Writing and Sleeping

I’ve noticed that on my personal blog, this is pretty much all I talk about anymore.  It’s just not what it used to be.

Because I’m not.  Spending all my spare time writing or thinking about writing has really cut into my post inconsequential but hopefully entertaining thoughts to my blog time.

 Bear with me, I’m extra sleepy this morning.  Generally I do really well on six hours, but every now and again it catches up to me.   A combination of me oversleeping and DD undersleeping caused me to miss my morning quiet-to-write time today. 

Last night I was actually in the mood to write–rather than feeling relatively uninspired and doing it anyway.  I knew I was in the mood because my fingers were itchy and I kept putting down what I was reading.  And then I clicked in my open chat window to Kettle: I think I feel like writing, any suggestions?  (Why Kettle, who was doing her nails, had an open chat window, I’m sure I don’t know.)

Kettle, not surprisingly, wanted me to skip ahead a few scenes from where I was stuck and get to a good part.  This is probably why I asked her for suggestion.

So last night my hero came to the door to his room and found the heroine sleeping in his bed.  They exchanged a couple of words and then he crossed the room for a hug.

This took about 3.5 hours and over 1300 words.  *shakes head at self*  But it was good.  I was happy with it. 

Right now I’m supposed to be working at finishing that, but I’m not entirely sure where it was going.  And, quite frankly, I liked it and I don’t want to go mess it up.  I’m so mental.

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One response to “Cooking, Cleaning, Writing and Sleeping

  1. seanachi

    Because I find doing my nails excruciatingly BORING and sitting at a computer is the stillest I am going to get…and because I kept hoping you’d get to the good stuff!

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