WOTM Update: You say Procrastination, I say Organization

So here I am this morning at 5402 words for the week.  And there’s still the weekend to go.  At times it’s still painfully slow, but it’s still going well.  Tomorrow is 2 months since the idea for the story came to me and I started making notes.

This morning, in order to avoid writing a scene I’m not moved to write, I did a lot of organizing things:

  • I finally came up with names for a few characters who needed them
  • I renamed the files of the individual scenes (I like to work on scrap paper and then transfer to a running draft) with chapter numbers and letters so that they show up in order in the folder
  • I made different subfolders for Draft 1 Chapters, Notes, and Reviews (copies of scenes marked up by Kettle, and sorted all the files within WOTM appropriately
  • I added everything that I have so far into the draft and put in red [insert X scene here] tags where I skipped over stuff I wasn’t ready to write yet.  (I’m down to 3 of those right now)

So I’m sure you’re mightily impressed with my procrastination skill.

Anyway, the good news is that I’ll be able to find things more easily without having to remember what order everything is in, and I can now claim 29,524 words in my draft. 

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