Updatey: Now With More Progress

Well, I guess I’ve mostly pulled out of my emo writer thing. 

I was thinking this morning that I wish I had more to say here.  This is my writing journal, so I don’t hop over here every day to talk about my daughter’s potty training or how I forgot the HVAC guy was coming yesterday and almost caught me running around my house naked.  I just come by and talk when something writerly crosses my mind.  And most of the writerly stuff actually goes into the writing.  Let’s face it, I’m an amateur writer without a finished manuscript.  I don’t have a lot to talk about regarding queries and proposals, agents and editors, etc..  I don’t have a whole lot to say about the sorts of things that make me curious to read other writer blogs.

 So I don’t know.  If there’s anyone reading this, I wonder what you’d like to read about.

I think maybe I’ll start being better about posting progress updates.  After all, I change my counters all the time, there’s really no permanent record for me to look back on later and see how I was doing as I wrote this.  That might be fun.  For me, anyway.

I’ve been writing sex for days now.  I’m at least 10 pages in, I just finished a chapter and am picking up the next one actually in the bedroom.  I think we’re at a 3 and 0 (no pun intended) orgasm count since we’ve walked in the front door.  I wrote 2031 words yesterday to bring this week’s total so far to 7486.  I also worked on my outline for a while, adding in all the changes that have been coming out lately, and trying to figure out how to fix the mess I’ve made of that, but didn’t really get far.

My word counts for the week so far:

  • Sunday- 3795
  • Monday- 909
  • Tuesday- 751
  • Wednesday- 2031

Values are definitely approximate.  It’s hard for me to remember just where I left off without going back and checking my chats with Kettle, and it’s just not worth going through ALL that. 

 Just added this chapter to the draft and I’m at 40,002.


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One response to “Updatey: Now With More Progress

  1. Becca

    hmm, it would be cool to get snippets of something you wrote that you are proud of or want critique on. But I don’t now if you are not wanting to post the actual writing here or not.

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