WOTM Update: The Hills Are Alive

586 words yesterday.

I sort of skipped ahead just a bit.

I went out to run some errands.  I haven’t had so much of the driving around inspiration as I used to have.  Possibly because I haven’t been into a story enough to have it speak to me that way for some time, possibly because I need more of my attention for driving now.  Who knows?

Anyway, I was driving around, and Matt woke up.  Kettle and I call Matt Mr. Matty Sunshine.  He’s a very strange character for me.  I’ve never had one who’s so lit up from the inside.  I don’t know where he comes from.  But anyway, I watched him burst from the house with this uncontainable joyful exuberance and jog off into the woods.  What the heck, Matt?

I followed him on his run until he came to a clearing where he- I shit you not- whirled around once like Fraulein Maria, with his arms thrown out and his head back to the sky, and he just let out this WHOOP.

I was stunned and strangely moved by the whole thing, and came home and wrote down what I’d seen, trying to make crazy Matt sound a little more butch than a novice in a nunnery, and the whole thing inspired another place in the story where Matt would go to be alone like this which I was able to describe in some detail and which was quite lovely.

And aside from some thinking through what I was supposed to be doing next and a LOT of catching up on housework, that’s really all I got done yesterday on the writing front. 

But let’s hear it for free inspiration.

[Checks to see that no one’s looking]


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