WOTM Update: Problems with Intimacy

I struggled for all of my 1230 words today.  The good news is that I was entirely in the bedroom.  Many many pages ago we started outside.  Then moved inside.  Then we were up against the door.  Then we were on the stairs.  Now we’re in the bedroom.  Woo hoo!

Well, not we’re quite into the woo woo of the woo hoo.  But we’re like right there.  So of course that’s where I had to quit.  Ugh, I was just so not into it today. 

How long have I been on this now?  If I don’t finish it soon, Kettle’s just going to beat me with something.

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One response to “WOTM Update: Problems with Intimacy

  1. seanachi

    [Kettle readies bat….] I’m watching you, Pot…

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