WOTM Update: In Which Sx Is Abbreviated

Today’s word count: 500.

Yeah, it was really all I could do.  By the time I got to 497 I had been at it off and on going on 8 hours with CONSTANT interruptions and I was just so aggravated I was close to tears.  I just wanted to BE DONE already and get on with their lives.

And it’s not that I don’t like writing love scenes.  On the contrary.  But there was something either about this or about me lately that–man. 

Anyway, the frustration and tearful rage, not so much the way to have sex.  So I decided to stop what I was doing and come back to it some other time, wrote “and she came” as my last 3 words (no, really), and saved the stupid thing.

And that’s done for a while.  Whew.  Let me just say that from the beginning of the love scene to where I cut it off it was 5462 words.  So way to go Matt!

Next up, the morning after.  Oh, awkwardness.  Hurray!  No, wait.  Let me vacuum up the all the hair I pulled out this morning first.

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