Slightly Crispy

I’ve been just a little burnt out.  I’ve started to feel like this is all I do is work on this or work with my critique partner, Kettle, on what she’s doing, and it started to get to me.  So I took the weekend off.  Didn’t write, didn’t blog, didn’t talk to anyone, just spent time doing family stuff.  That left me with a word count under 4500 for last week (when I had been wanting to push my goal up to at least 7K), but that’s ok.  This morning I’ve been catching up on correspondence and taking care of some other things that have been neglected. 

 And thinking some about time management.

 It’s my errand day which I usually rush through in order to get back and write more before I have to get my daughter from my parents.  But I have to pick her up early today, so like as not, no writing today either.  Hopefully we’ll pick it back up tomorrow.

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  1. Sometimes you need a break from writing. If nothing else stepping away makes you remember why you love doing it.

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