More Fool I

Fix-It Week.  That’s what the counter says now.  A bit late in the week to be declaring, but I got a late start.  And hey, I did over 30% today, so I guess that’s ok.

The cut-off date for Alison Kent’s Seventy Days of Sweat is Friday, July 13.  The idea is to write an entire novel of 60K-100K words in the 70 days.  Yes, I know I haven’t done well with the challenges in the past, thank you so much for reminding me.  Possibly I might be cutting enough of what I have so far in WOTM that I will have 60K left to write.  And that would work out just fine.  However, with this fixing to do, it’s hard for me to keep up with a fair number of actual words written to report.  So I’m thinking that if I can finish going through what I have and be ready to proceed with new stuff by Friday (it being a few hours until Thursday right now), I’ll show myself I have the necessary determination to throw my name in.

But the facts that I am just now declaring Fix-It Week on Wednesday evening and that I’m considering entering another challenge that may or may not tie me up in knots are not the foolish things to which the title refers.  Rather, it is this:

I haven’t written lately because:

  • I need to make substantial changes to WOTM in the beginning and it doesn’t make sense to try to continue the manuscript until those changes are made
  • The changes will be complicated to fit what I need to fit within what I’ve already written and where I now want to go
  • This will require me to go back and read from the beginning and because this first draft is so very rough, reading it will be disheartening and make it even harder to move forward because I’ll start beating myself up over my complete lack of talent


  • The changes are not that big a deal.  In fact, most of what I now propose involves tweaking the end of the scene that sent me off of my outline in the first place (and I did that this morning), and then just going back to the outline
  • There probably won’t be much of a ripple effect and I’ll probably just be inserting the scenes that should have taken place there, and would have, had I stuck to my outline

And the most foolish of all:

  • I’m a third through my rereading now and I love it.  Hell no, it’s not perfect.  But I wrote stuff that I really really like.  Stuff that was good.

Let me say that again, in case I didn’t hear myself:

I wrote stuff and it was good.

That is all.

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