WOTM Update: A Letter

First let me say that the blogosphere is kicking my ass.  There’s just a whole lot of good stuff to read right now.  Right now, when I’m supposed to be writing 900 words a day or else.  For one thing, this morning I went to Alison Kent’s blog and caught up on posts relating to the 70 Days.  This led me to other blogs I don’t usually read but that I’m in danger of adding to my list.  It just seems like so many people have such interesting things to say and useful advice these days.  Lucky for me that there are a few people on my Blogroll hopefully having so much fun they’ve hardly posted this summer or I’d never get through it.

Also lucky for me that I had a disturbing dream and got up before 6.  Not totally lucky as I went to bed close to midnight and now have a headache, but at least it gives more more time.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a WOTM update?  K, settle down.  I couldn’t get anything done all day yesterday.  I spent a lot of time in research mode.  I despise research mode like little else.  But Matt’s a small town sheriff, and I don’t know anything about that sort of stuff and I was starting to feel like I couldn’t go on not knowing it.  And that resulted in me going through the draft and changing him to Chief of Police and developing a bit clearer backstory on his education and career path.  Well, I felt a bit better, but was that going to get me any words to report to Ms. Kent on Sunday?  Noooo.

DH came home with a twisted ankle.  I think it’s definitely sprained.  But you know, guy thing, he kept ice on it last night and this morning he stuck it in his boot and limped off to work.  Just a flesh wound.  Fuckin’ A.  So what could I do last night when he parked himself on the couch and commandeered my laptop?  Take it back?  Not really.

I got to work around 9, I guess.  Matt and Alex were finally going to see the lawyer with whom Alex’s father left “stuff” before he died.  Crap, I had to figure out what the stuff was.  I decided it was a letter of the “if you’re reading this I am most likely dead” variety.  Fine.  What’s in it?  After an afternoon of hemming and hawing over stuff, I finally decided that I should just write the damned thing, even though I had no intention of putting it all in there, but just so I could see what was in it.  So I slipped into Sam, picked up his pen, and we started to write in his spiral notebook in his cramped handwriting.

About 2/3 the way through I realized a few things:

  1. This letter is giving us a lot of backstory we really needed to have by this time- this story has a lot of backstory to it.  I struggle for ways to fit it in that aren’t awkward.
  2. It provides some really good characterization of someone who doesn’t appear in the story’s present, but is nonetheless important.
  3. This letter is good.  It reads well.  Although it’s long, it’s very personal and sounds like speech.  It’s tells a story that’s not single-focused.  This letter’s going to be read into evidence.
  4. Wow, Matt and Sam are so much alike!  I didn’t realize this.  Matt is a most charming hero.  It’s just part of his nature.  Sam was a con artist.  While Matt chooses to use his powers for good, and it never would have occured to him to use them for grift, he totally could.  And when I wrote for Sam- and I hadn’t had cause to do that before- I realized that he has that same ability to be open about his feelings that Matt does.  I can’t believe Alex is doing the “we marry our fathers” thing. 

Ok, so that’s what I learned writing the letter.  I still have to write yesterday’s assignment– go to the lawyer’s office.  So today I’ll be trying to write the before and after the letter.  But anyway, 1413 for yesterday putting me to 37, 697.


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