WOTM Update and Tell You What

What I’m telling you is that I spend WAY too much time worrying about the technicalities of reporting word counts.  I’m thinking that how many words I need to report for the 70 Days tomorrow sort of depends on when I report them.  If reporting is on Wednesday and Sunday, am I including Wednesday and Sunday?  This week, since I didn’t sign up and get started until Thursday, I figure I have 900 words a day for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, or 3600 words needed.  So since I now have 3283, does that mean I could report that any time up until mid-day and figure the rest should count for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday?  See how uptight I get?  Now you know why Nano caused such a melt-down.

Frankie say Re-Lax.  Damn.

Anyway, that’s where I am for the end of the week here, and I’m closing in or 40k again.  I should have that 10K I lost in the edit made back up in no time.

Today I finished my scene in the lawyer’s office, the one that I had been procrastinating on for so long (which is part of the reason I had no words the better part of the week).  I worked on it last night and got a good start, but today I was making some notes and got up to take care of something, and when I was doing whatever mundane thing that was, I realized what I needed.  See, the scene was part of the action plot, but not something that HAD to be shown, but what I did need to do was get the reactions of the character whose POV I was not in for the previous scene as part of the relationship plot.  Follow?  So that was a lot of the point.  Anyway, in a flash of insight, I realized something I could do to make the scene more important so you won’t be wondering why is she making me read this? and to add something of characterization as well, which I’ll admit is something I tend to forget the farther into the story I go.  (At least I feel I’m in good company there.)

So anyway, I spent a good part of the day making notes and then a good while writing it up and got 1050 more words for the day.

 Yeah, the notes were another thing.  When I started committing to a word count with Kettle, it was really hard for me because there are days I do nothing but write copious notes to myself.  They’re very important to me.  It’s just the way I work.  If I’m thinking that this is going into the manuscript like this, regardless of the fact that I can change it easily enough, it just seems to put too much pressure on me and I get stuck a lot.  So some days I write notes in a looser format and that seems to work much better.  Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to convert those notes into words I would count as words for my draft.  And sometimes, I just haven’t figured things out enough to add the words to my draft yet.  So with regard to the thing with Kettle, we just decided it was plenty fair enough to count my notes toward my goal, because it was the writing regularly that’s more or less the goal of it anyway.  How does it add up?  Today’s notes: 1012, besides the small edits I made to make yesterday’s stuff work with today’s new idea.

Oh well, enough complaining.  I think the next part is going to be very emotional, and I can’t see clearly enough who’s POV it should be in.  So I guess I should go think that through.


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5 responses to “WOTM Update and Tell You What

  1. suppose

    You have to do something about that compulsion.

    And maybe you only have so many words in you so you possibly can save them and put them in a manuscript rather than wasting? them in a blog.

    As they say in the way overused vernacular, “know what I mean?”


  2. Suppose,
    Thanks…I think. I actually have tons of words in me- I’m a very wordy chick. The problem seems to be more in how many relate to my current project and are manuscript-worthy. The rest have to go somewhere, and, since my dog won’t sit still and listen, I figure I’ll keep blogging them.

  3. seanachi

    The notion of a limited number of words seems a rather ridiculous thing to suggest to a writer. There’s no such thing. And blogging is hardly a waste if the writer gets something out of it. At worst it’s a procrastination tool and at best it’s a way to keep in touch with readers and other writers out there in the void.

  4. suppose

    To seanachi:

    Gee teacher, didn’t mean to get you so riled up. I was trying to help Susan, but I’m sure you know best.
    Put the words in a manuscript if that’s what you are going for, and then edit.

  5. seanachi

    I was neither riled nor presuming to know best. I was merely disagreeing with you.

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