WOTM Update: In the Middle of the Night

That refers to the current time (2:42am) not anything about what I wrote today.  But I’m up with the DD and need something to keep me awake a bit longer just so I can be sure the current back-to-bed is gonna take.   So here I am popping in to update my counters and report to you on today’s progress.

I’m a bit short today.  I’ll spare you the excuses, and just say that I’m 820 for the day, 2233 for the week, and 38517 for the draft. 

And the fact that I keep leaving important words out of simple statements just goes to show that, given the choice between trying to get in 80 more words to make my goal and writing an update, the update was the better choice.  I’m way too sleepy for the other.

I’ll make it up tomorrow. 

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