WOTM Update: Between Us


I’m not changing my counter today.  Just between us, word count for my work today was 1241.  But it’s all in the loose style I talked about in the previous post so I’ll be reworking it tomorrow and whatever I get then is what I’ll add to the “official” tally. 

Yesterday something happened that brought up a lot of repressed grief for my heroine.  Today was the reaction to that.  So there was a lot of emotionality, a lot of physical stuff, and you know that that kind of stuff tends to take me a long time to work through.  Because it’s hard, yes, but it’s hard because it’s important.  I’m really happy with what I have, though, and I think it will clean up well.  Sometimes, I think I secretly like to write the icky love stuff because I feel more confident that I’ve done a good job when I’m finished than I do about the rest of it. 

But that would be a deep, dark secret that no one knows for certain, not even me.

Hmmm…fried much?  Yeah, going to bed now.  ‘Night.

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