No Way!

The other day, Kettle pops up in the morning (she’s an hour behind me and I’m nearly always up first) and says: Hey, I won one of the gift baskets from PBW!!

I’m like: No way!

 I got up this morning and converted enough of last night’s notes to make up an acceptable total to report in to check in on the Seventy Days of Sweat, just so I could make sure I did that, got it out of the way, and could go on with what needs to get done today.

And I’m like: No way!

For a writer, I sometimes exhibit limited vocabulary.

I won too!  I was the chosen commentor from Sunday’s check-in.  That’s so exciting!

Know what’s really exciting?  Last night found me complaining because while I wanted to show what I wanted to show, I wasn’t sure that enough was going to happen at the storage to make it worth dragging you all there.  Maybe I should just be summarizing for you later. 

[Pooh voice] Doubt.  Doubt doubt.

Then I finished up my notes at over 1839.  Go figure.

More importantly, Kettle and I were talking over what on Earth I am going to do after this to connect where I am to where I was before I had the brilliant idea to stick in an extra day, and also my perceived weaknesses in the plot in general, and I had an idea that I really liked and think I will go with.  And I am really happy about that.

So, now I’m off to finish cleaning up the stuff I wrote last night to dump that into the manuscript.  And I don’t have to drag my feet because I actually know where I’m going in the next section.

I know.  I’m like: No way!


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4 responses to “No Way!

  1. seanachi

    It’s officially a good luck week for us chica!

  2. Hey Susan – congratulations! Don’t forget to send me your snail mail address at joleigh AT joleigh DOT com!

    The prize will go out next week!

  3. gypsykitten

    Yay Susan! Hope you enjoy your surprise prize.

    And congrats on figuring out a way to tie the storage shed scene into the rest of the plot. There’s nothing like a plan when it comes together! 🙂

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