WOTM Update: A New Nightmare

 I am god of my ficitional world, and I am not benevolent.

 But we’ll get to that.  So like I said, this morning I converted part of my notes into prose and posted my half week’s total to 70 Days (rather than constantly link to the same post, how about you just check out the sidebar and click the pic, huh?).  I forget now what I did this morning, eight hundred and something.

Then I sat down and finished converting those notes before I did other stuff, and dumped another 1400+ into my manuscript.  After checking my blogs and chatting with Kettle a bit, I wrote another half a scene at 565, and I let that sit a while before dumping it in the manuscript too.

So I was cleaning my kitchen and listening to my WOTM playlist and I had a nightmare.  Which, for my villain who has the dream– well, it’s probably not such a bad thing for him.  It’s a flashback dream about something that happens involving the heroine, and it shows part of her background that we don’t really get to know about except through her thoughts.  And while she’s plenty remorseful about some stuff, she tries to avoid self-pity, and I think that gives us a skewed view of what she’s been through.  Enter this dream.

I made copious notes on it.  I got a lot of detail, even a bit of dialogue, though there’s not going to be very much.  I’m sort of missing the details in the climax, but that might come when I go to convert it.  If not, Kettle might could lend me some help with that.  She has a bit of a gift for the mind of the maniac.

Then I was saying to Kettle, I was really happy with the idea and what I was able to do with it.  But at the same time, I feel very very sad for what I did to my heroine.

Do you feel remorse when you make bad things happen to good story people?


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3 responses to “WOTM Update: A New Nightmare

  1. I just saw your comment on PBW about A-Ha. Dude! My husband and I love them. Here’s a post I did on Norwegian pop music. Cya 🙂

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