WOTM Update and Stuff About This Week

Well, I had been behind the last few days.  Family stuff, busy busy.  And I was going to catch up.  “If I have to stay up all night on Saturday.”

Yeah, I was up all night.  Sick.  [details omitted, you’re welcome.]

This morning, once I was able to sit up long enough to consider it, I was just like- no way.  That is so not happening.  So I went over to the 70 Days check-in and posted (prematurely, it turns out) that I wasn’t going to make my goal. 

Because of course I did.  I finally got it together.  I didn’t have a real feel for it today, so I decided to do something I’ve been avoiding.  I decided to change something I hadn’t really wanted to admit wasn’t working because I hadn’t wanted to deal with the ripple effect of changing it.  But I did that.  Then I realized a few things, having read back through some parts and made some notes.  Then I wrote a scene and got 935 words out of it, which are now on my counter for the next check-in.  But I was supposed to hit 9K by today for the 70 days and I’ve passed that now, so I’m happy.

 It’s been a pretty good week for me overall.  I haven’t written crazy lots of words, but I haven’t been totally stuck either and I think I’ve had some really good ideas that are going to work out.

And that ripple effect?  I hate doing edits like that, but of course once it was over, I had to admit it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. 

Have you ever made a change and had it cause lots of little problems all through your manuscript?  Was it terrible, or were you really glad you took care of it?


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4 responses to “WOTM Update and Stuff About This Week

  1. seanachi

    Well as you know, the storyboarding I did a few weeks ago moving the timeline around in HOC required a LOT of changes, and a lot of corrections due to that ripple effect–but I think we both agree that it works better this way. 🙂 I think it’s natural enough to resist making changes that will require more and more changes—but it can often be a good thing. Bravo for your perseverance, Pot!

  2. Isn’t it funny how just when you think you’re not up to anything, you just get down to it and everything falls into place?

    I know what you mean about changes. The one I’m facing at the moment is a series of background changes (no changes to actual plot or events), and it affects seven or eight books, which makes it a hair-raising prospect. But yes, it means that the whole thing is much smoother, much more mature and better in the long-run, so it will definitely be worth the effort. 🙂

  3. Seven or eight books? Books? Come whack me on the back, I’m choking on a pancake here.

    I hope you have good help with reading through and finding all the ripples. Good luck.

  4. I hate to make big edits in a first draft, and they always hang me up and I end up muddling along and feeling confused, so this time around I decided not to make big changes, the ones that would cause ripple effects where I would have to edit all the chapters. And I DECIDED TO EDIT on second draft. LOL!

    As long as you don’t get stuck! I hate that.

    But you seem to be doing really good to me.

    I also planned a lot on this book earlier and before I write each chapter, I go over the plan. Mostly I just add things or people.

    Now I have to go visit some blogs and get to writing!

    HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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