WOTM Update: Midpoint

I’ve hit the halfway mark.  It’s strange, because the word count hit the midpoint, but since I’m filling in stuff earlier, I’m not actually there.  But almost.  I’ve got one more scene, I guess, with the heroine by herself before they hook up again after a brief time apart.  And then, of course, I’ve got a big chunk to go through now and edit so it works with the stuff I filled in earlier. 

 I’m back to not liking it.  To doubting it.  But the thing is that it takes me a long time to write, much longer than it takes to read.  So if I just let it sit for a few days and go back and read it, it will turn out that it moves much faster in the reading than I think it does right now.  That’s one of the things I’ve learned lately, and I’m trying to remember.

So for posterity, the stats: 3,534 since Sunday, 12,353 since 7/12 (since the 70 Days started), and 48,636 for the manuscript as a whole since getting the idea for it on 4/9.


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2 responses to “WOTM Update: Midpoint

  1. gypsykitten

    Wow!! That’s excellent. The half way point must rock, a lot. I’m no where near it yet. lol.

    Still, 48k words already? That’s awesome.

    I haven’t hit it with the story I’m writing now (I’m hoping I won’t), but I’ve often gotten to the middle of a story and decided I didn’t like it any more. Perhaps why I have so many unfinished things?!?!

    I’m starting to think my biggest writing mistake/hurdle/whatever, is not finishing things in the past. I did write a whole novel length story and finish it about hmmm… 7 years ago. Since then? Haven’t finished anything. That’s why I’m refusing to do any editing as I go this time around… I’ve gotta finish this story!

  2. gypsykitten-
    That’s exactly where I am. In the middle going…I’m not so sure I like this anymore. Hate middles. Yeah, I’m hoping that finishing it will make me like it again.

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