Thursday Thirteen #1: 13 Reasons My H/H Are Staying Apart

So here I am, jumpin’ on the Thursday Thirteen bandwagon. In an effort to keep myself on track with the writing thing today, I’ll do:

Thirteen Things about Why Matt and Alex Don’t Get Together

1. He’s a sheriff, she’s a career criminal.
2. She’s killed people and taken money for it.
3. He’s an outgoing, helpful, important member of the community, she’s a loner.
4. She doesn’t want him to know her secrets
5. She’s very different from the girl he was in love with
6. She’s not into the whole grain thing
7. He may never be able to understand and accept what she’s done
8. He’s way too sunny of a guy for her to cast her cloud on
9. She’s constantly overwhelmed by his emotionality
10. Association with her could destroy the life he’s built for himself
11. Her lack of trust drives him crazy
12. She wouldn’t know how to fit into his life and people wouldn’t accept her.
13. He needs her too much. Makes her too important. Besides that being misplaced, it’s too much pressure for her.

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6 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #1: 13 Reasons My H/H Are Staying Apart

  1. You should check out West of Mars’s blog Your TT reminds me of hers. 😀 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow, sounds like you have a lot of conflict building between your characters! Happy TT!

  3. I like it. I might do this!

  4. I’m new around here, but with just this list to go on I’d say the H & H should throw in the towel. Those are some hellacious odds to overcome.

  5. Pussreboots- Thanks for the link. It was certainly interesting.

    Joely(Sue)- Thanks.

    Joely- I’m glad you did!

    Lisa- Maybe so. If I remembered where I read it I would have credited, but there was an exercise suggested somewhere to write 20 reasons why your characters should get together and 20 why they shouldn’t. It was interesting, and I really had to stretch some. Anyway, yeah, it doesn’t look good. But I guess I’m hoping love conquers all.

  6. seanachi

    Oh remember, we read that on Paperback Writer a few weeks ago Or maybe it was over on Shiloh Walker’s page…one of the two. We thought for like an hour over that list!

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