WOTM Update: Too Little Too Late

In a manner of speaking.  I only managed to write 453 words now that I finally got the chance to sit down by myself and do it, and it’s now after midnight and I don’t think I’m lucid enough to do more.

Basically my hero just reacted to finding out the heroine left town behind his back.  We knew this because we went with her, so we’ve been watching him go along his merry way to see her and waiting for the BAM!  Poor Matt.

Well, things didn’t go so well for Alex, so she’ll be back.  I don’t like to keep them apart for long–they end up talking to themselves.  It annoys me.  So yeah, bringing her back tomorrow and I’m not putting them together yet, so I’m not sure how it’s going to go.  This is the last bit of darning for this hole and I want to match up to the chunk I’ve already written that comes after.

Because, Lord knows I don’t want to change anything.

Ugh, I keep hearing this from PBW in my head:

If you find you’re reluctant to change even a single word in your story, you’re either 1) the best damn writer in the world or 2) you’ve fallen in love with your manuscript. Chances are it’s #2 and it’s paralyzed your internal editor, who doesn’t want to get between you and your sweetheart.

What does Darcy say?  “You don’t know how those words have haunted me”?  Something like that.

Please note: It is late.  I am punchy and not particularly serious about not wanting to change anything, k?


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2 responses to “WOTM Update: Too Little Too Late

  1. D’you find they get their own ideas about what they want to do? Mine do all the time. Reading the quote I’m relieved; I’m a terrible one for editing and re-editing things and it’s starting to drive my agent insane.

  2. One day, according to the outline, they were supposed to have a meal and a simple argument. They were supposed to get over it and move on to the next to the next plot point that needed to be found. But did they? Noooo. They engaged in a not so simple fight and five thousand words after they sat down she got up and took off in tears. What? He searched frantically, unable to find her, that thing they were supposed to do next never got done, and the emotion that came out of the whole thing landed them in bed together way off schedule.

    Ok, I said. I’ll let that go. You guys can have your way because maybe you know best.

    Turns out they didn’t. Letting them have their way there has caused me no end of trouble. When I set it aside and then went back to read it, it just didn’t make sense. I’m almost done fixing it now. I hope next time I let them have free reign they do better with it.

    Ooops. Ha. Sorry for the diatribe. The answer was yes, yes I do.

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