Linda Howard’s White Lies

White Lies CoverI loved this story. I am the biggest sucker for amnesia stories. I’m pretty sure it’s part of being a recovering soap addict (TV soap, though, not book soap).

The FBI comes to Jay Granger and asks her to identify her ex-husband, Steve Crossfield who is in a coma. She hasn’t seen Steve in five years. Their divorce was fairly amicable, with no hard feelings, but no real other feelings either, and she has rarely thought about him since they parted ways. Steve was involved in an explosion and is the sole survivor. Her yes or no can at least narrow down for them who the survivor was. But the man in the ICU bed at Bethesda, under naval guard, has so many injuries that he looks more like a mummy than her ex, and even when the bandages come off, given the extent of the damage and plastic surgery, he still won’t look the same. His fingerprints are burned away and even his voice was damaged.

Confused and upset, Jay identifies the man as Steve. And when her presence seems to have a positive affect on him, the government asks her to stay and aid his recovery. Steve recovers with superhuman speed, pushing himself with an iron will she had never guessed he possessed. He’s not the same happy-go-lucky adventurer she was married to five years ago, but a hardened warrior. And the warrior needs her and depends on her in a way that the casual and aloof wanderer never had.

Once Steve is out of the coma, he can’t remember who he is. A lot of things come back to him, but nothing personal, and nothing about Jay, which he finds most frustrating. She is the one thing he wants to remember, to remember how they messed up the first time so that he can do things right now that they are together again.

There’s some really good mushy stuff in this book, like when Jay is talking to Steve in the coma and we read what he’s thinking. And there’s a cameo by a previous book character.

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