WOTM Update: Big Push, Still Not Done

Ok, I just had a big push through, making up a few days of not writing, while getting ready for that birthday party, and then recovering.  And when I got free time, but didn’t have enough to sit down and write, I also got a lot of reading done.  So I kind of feel a bit recharged, like I put words in, maybe some words will come out now!

 Anyway, I made it up to the numbers I needed to report in to the 70 Days Challenge today (under the wire) and I still haven’t quite gotten where I wanted to go.  I wanted to hook up this part of the hole I’m filling to the next part that’s written and I’m about half a scene away from that.  I don’t know if I’m going to hit it again tonight or save it a bit.  Since I begged Kettle to read it through before I reported my numbers and then sent her a blank email, I’m leaning toward going to bed.

2752 since last check-in, 15,105 since the Challenge started, 51,388 total.


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2 responses to “WOTM Update: Big Push, Still Not Done

  1. fairiegreen

    I have found my momentum slowing down. I am hoping that with half the kids at my mothers this week that I will be able to accomplish something other than staring at a blank screen.

  2. fairiegreen- Sometimes when my DD has somewhere to go and I actually have time alone I get so wound up about taking advantage of the time and not wasting it that I can’t actually think at all! I hope you’ll have a relatively quiet week and get a lot done.

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