WOTM Update: Making It Work

So I’ve sort of filled up that hole I keep talking about where I made an extra day in the middle of what I already wrote.  I’ve still got little changes, both big and small, to make to the stuff that now comes after the extra day.  It’s more work than I thought it was going to be.  You know, I was thinking that a scene or two needed to really change, but that mostly it was just going to line edits to fix wording and stuff like that.  For example, a lot of “last night”‘s would become “two nights ago”.  Know what I mean?  But it turns out it’s more than that.  There’s a lot of taking into account how the experience of living through those added scenes changes the thoughts and feelings of the characters in the interactions I’m editing.  To only look at editing those techinical sorts of things referenced above would be pretty crappy. 

 Yeah, so that’s what I learned last night while starting my first–what shall we call it?  A post-darning scene?  Ok. 

 The other thing last night.  It was really good.  As I was reading through it, it was one of those times when I was thinking: wow, I wrote this?  Nice when that happens.  I’m not so sure it’s so good anymore.  Whenever I have to go through something line by line and pick it apart and make a lot of changes like that, it doesn’t read the same for me anymore.  I think maybe if I just leave it alone for a day or so and go back I’ll find it’s not so choppy and awkward as I see it now.  I think what I’m feeling when I read it right now is just my own frustration over making it work, rather than the way it actually reads.

So two questions for you?  Want to talk about how much fun! editing is when you’ve made big changes to previous passages?  And, do you ever have that experience of going back and reading your own work and finding it so good you think someone else must have put it there?

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