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I’ve been reading a bunch of interesting things lately, and was thinking: hmmm, maybe I’ll post them.  Then I was thinking, damn, wish I’d been saving them all along. 

This led me off on a tangent about how Lynn Viehl has to be the most organized person on the planet.  She often posts lists of interesting and helpful links a PBW, leading me to believe she must be some kind of born-organized (BO to flybabies), natural note-taker.  I suppose she’d have to be.  The other day I said to Kettle: “[expletive-heavy phrase deleted]! She writes nine books a year and restores quilts too?”  /tangent

So anyway, here are some interesting things I’ve been reading lately:

Kettle pointed me to this post at Women of Mystery which lists a number of interesting, writerly blogs.

That lead me to 101 Reasons to Stop Writing, so funny, and this post in particular which, after the hilarity faded and I dried my eyes, left me with a nervous suspicion about subconsious Star Wars fanfic themes in my writing.

The other day, Alison Kent excerpted from and linked to a post at Access Romance about graphic violence in the romance genre.  It was both interesting and intelligent without being highly intellectualized, as such discussions so often are.  Hurray for that.

At Murder She Writes, Deborah LeBlanc posted Madeline L’Engle’s acceptance speech for the 1963 Newberry Award.  I’m not even going to try to tell you what’s in it.  If you’ve never read it, go.

And shopping!  I know some of you don’t even want to think about Christmas.  So don’t.  But maybe when you’re ready you’ll remember ThinkGeek for all those geeks in your life whose vocations and hobbies you can’t even begin to comprehend.

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