WOTM Update: Just ‘Cause We Need One

Ok, I’m now really caught up as far as writing around what I had written before, filling in holes and blanks and all those little edits and stuff.  I’ve really changed things, taken some new directions, and written in a bunch of new stuff.  Granted, there are still a few red lines–places where I just didn’t want to take away from momentum to figure something out and plan to go back to fill in–but mostly I’m caught up and from here on everything is new. 

As in, from here on, I face a yawning black hole of I have no idea wtf is coming next.

Which is not precisely true.  I have my now-incredibly-outdated outline from which to work.  It’s just hard for me to see it, I guess.  I’ve got two big things I need to work up to in the semi near future.  In the action plot, I have to work in the guy who’s behind it all and how he relates to everything that’s going on and get out the stuff that we don’t know about him and the heroine won’t find out until later.  In the relationship plot, I need to work up to revealing the heroine’s terrible secrets to the hero.  My problem there is that I want to wait on that as long as possible (and so does she, thank you) but it’s getting harder and harder to keep stuff from Matt. 

I guess I just have a lot of thinking to do, so this coming week might not be as much of a writing new stuff week as another reinventing the outline week.

So we’re at 1193 since Sweat check-in this morning, 24,414 for the Sweat, and 61,147 for the draft total.

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