WOTM Update: Just Notes, But I’m Tapped Out

I was just doing that thing where I don’t know exactly what comes next, but I started jotting down some notes on something that’s coming up soon and it got away from me into writing out the scene–in the wrong tense, of course.  So I wrote 975 words and I’m happy, even though they don’t really count.

There’s a hit man in my story, one who’s after my heroine, but you know there’s always someone behind a hit man.  So tonight I got to know the man behind the maniac.  He’s important, and I’ve had a fairly strong sense of who he is, but I didn’t realize that my sense of him was really what others see.  Inside him was a little bit different.  A little bit softer, mostly in his head.  This guy is really not playing with full deck.  He’s not insane, he’s just, well, warped.  And I guess that’s what you need to be to do what he does and to order the murder of my heroine.  So good. 

I think what was interesting is that I was seeing him as someone who was playing a role and then decided that he liked it.  But it turned out that he was really just as trapped in his role as my heroine is in hers. 

Anyway, I’m not sure when I’ll get to actual writing again, as this introduction of sorts was the next big thing I had to plot to and I think I need to sort of work backward from here to where I left off.  Bah, that again.  So we’ll see.  Right now I have that sort of drained feeling that comes from being too much in someone else’s head for too long, so I’m taking myself to bed.  Goodnight.

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