Thursday Thirteen #3: 13 Kick-Ass Fictional Females

Thirteen Kick-ass Fictional Females
(an incomplete and imperfect list in no particular order)
1. Eve Dallas (JD Robb’s –in Death books)
2. Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series)
3. Wonder Woman (TV series)
4. La Femme Nikita (TV series)
5. Queen Aeron (Kennealy-Morrison’s Keltia books)
6. the Anita Blake who was (early books in the LK Hamilton series)
7. Max (Dark Angel TV series)
8. Zoe (Firefly TV series, Serenity movie)
9. Rhapsody (E Haydon’s Symphony of the Ages books)
10. Lyra (Pullman’s His Dark Materials books)
11. Lessa (McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern books)
12. Isabeau (K Forsyth’s Witches of Eileannan books)
13. Ripley (Alien movies)

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11 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #3: 13 Kick-Ass Fictional Females

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  2. I only know six of the 13. I like this look at TT.

  3. I adored Buffy, write till they moved over to that other network and suddenly the demons all looked as if they were wearing Halloween costumes. I still miss the show though.

    As a person from the seventies, I have mixed feelings about “kick butt” females. On the one hand, I wish things had gone in the opposite direction (less violence all round). On the other, since it didn’t….good on them.

  4. I totally remember the Wonder Woman shows. She was one tough chick!

  5. I don’t know all of these women, but I love this idea! I completely agree with you on Ripley & Wonder Woman. 🙂

  6. Hm, while I just have to love any list that includes a Buffy and a Firefly reference, I can’t believe you chose Zoe over River for this list. (Naturally, I myself would have added them both. LOL)
    I mean, Zoe is great and all, but as for really kickin’ ass you can’t beat River. :o)
    But then again, I might be prejudiced, because I just love River to bits and Zoe is entirely to sane for my taste.

  7. samulli-
    Yeah, I wanted to include just one and had to choose. And I guess, when it came down to it, I chose Zoe because it was all natural to her. No one performed brain surgery or other experimental procedures to make her that way. She wasn’t programmed to kick ass, she just does. Which is not to say that River’s not awesome and doesn’t have her own serious things to deal with. River’s an incredibly strong character. Zoe’s portrayed as a figher character, yet there are tender scenes between her and her husband, she talks about wanting to have his baby– she’s still all woman. I think what will aways stay with me about Zoe is how she goes on through the end part of Serenity (“not coming”) and takes care of business. There’s no point in comparing them because neither is less, but that’s why I chose her.

  8. I have to totally agree about Zoe–she’s real, she’s authentic. The way Joss writes women makes me want to have his love children. He’s a true feminist–strength, beauty, grace and kick-ass can all go together in his world. Very very nice.

    right /fangirl gushing Great TT!

  9. i’m with you on Buffy, Wonder Woman, Lessa and Lyra. The rest i have never encountered. Sounds like I’ve really missed out on something by not watching Firefly.

  10. My heroes have always been kick-butt women. I found Ripley when I was 12 years old and wanted to be her. I’d already fallen in love with characters like Wonder Woman and Princess Leia, but Ripley went so far beyond. Oh, and Sarah Connor.

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