WOTM Update: Chapter 13

“Things are unravelling fast, boy!”

Hey, Jafar.  You’re not in this story.

But it’s true.  We’re not exactly near the end, but chapter thirteen has been one of all these things coming out into the open, one after another.  And I think I’ve got one more reveal before I bring it to a close.

Now that you guys have met Matt, you might actually get it when I tell you that last night he was all his sincere and vulnerable self and thanked his mother for how supportive she had always been of him and his need to find the heroine.  Lots of weeping by me.  Big dumb cuddly guy.

Anyway, things continue to go well.  Every time I sit down to write, I write something, and it’s usually more than I thought it would be.  This writing every day stuff?  It pretty much works.

So where are we?  3,082 since the check-in last Sunday, 31,814 since the Sweat challenge started July 12 (for me), and 68,527 for the total since I started this project April 9.  It’s hard for me to believe I’ve written this much in a bit over 4 months instead of over the course of a year in fits and spurts when inspiration strikes.  I keep feeling like I must have forgotten something.


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2 responses to “WOTM Update: Chapter 13

  1. seanachi

    WOO HOO! You go girl!

  2. havegoggleswillfly

    Wow – I love it when the write goes well. Hope it keeps up!

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