WOTM Update: Simon Says More Stuff

You know, writing sex doesn’t really bother me.  But it seems like every time I write for villain Simon I have that dirty, what will my family think, not so fresh feeling.

But know why?  ‘Cause it was that good!

 Ok, I’m punchy.  Partly ’cause I’m trying to shake off this sicko freak I just wrote about, and partly ’cause I’ve got Kettle over here telling me how she’s got FIVE count ’em FIVE scenes left to write in her manuscript.  How exciting is that?

Ok, back to WOTM.  The truth about heroine Alex, which we have always known, is about to become known to hero Matt.  Black Moment?  Yeah, probably.  But let’s not call it that, ’cause I’ll just get more worked up and nervous if you make it that important. 

So, in preparation I wrote Simon having this flashback from his shared past with Alex.  Something that both reminds us we’re supposed to feel for her as a person and clarifies the why of that before we go into blowing it all out into the open.  It is, incidentally, the scene I talked about in the post A New Nightmare about how I thought up bad stuff to do to torture my heroine.  So I fleshed out the badness and that’s finally written. 

 And where does that leave us?  at 3282 so far this week, 35,096 for the Sweat, and 71,809 overall.

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