WOTM Update: Boys Don’t Cry

Last night I wasn’t going to write anything.  I was doing that regrouping thing, figuring out the next bit to come.  What that really means is that I DID NOT want to write my Black Moment and was stalling like anything.

Well, Kettle pops up, and of course she’s writing.  That girl is always writing in whatever snatches of time she has.  Makes me feel like crap sometimes, let me tell you.  “Progress?” she asks.  “Depends on your perspective,” is my reply.  “I knitted a sweater for Blythe and I’m just about to write up the pattern before I jayne fan blytheforget what I did so I can do it again.”

Bad Susan.  It’s 100°+ every day.  Like Blythe needed a sweater.

Anyway, since Kettle was writing, I was like ok, I guess I can write the intro to the Black Moment scene.  So I pretty much whipped that out at 725 words, showing that it was right there ready to be writ and I was just being lazy and/or stubborn.

Kettle went to bed and I wasn’t sleepy, so I decided it would help my mental health to try and get some notes written about this Black Moment scene, so I wouldn’t forget to include stuff once I got into it, and so I’d know where I was going and wouldn’t have to fear the writing of it so much.  So la dee da, and the next thing you know, it starts pouring out onto the screen, in that very rough way I tend to write things in the present tense with no proper quotes or format.  And almost 3000 words later I was through it.  Whew.  It was after 1am and I was on a roll.  As Alex left the room I was ready to jump right into Matt’s head and get his reaction.

I turned around, and he’s sitting there crying.  Oh no.  Oh.  NO!  I freaked.  I admit it.  I cannot stand to see men cry.  It scares me.  I hate it.  I shut the lights on that scene so fast you’d have thought a transformer had blown. 

Yeah, I’m pretty much afraid to go back now.  Don’t be surprised if you see me rewriting and tweaking the Black Moment a whole bunch to avoid it.  I don’t know what’s going to happen now.

Men crying in books has to be handled just right for me.  It’s very dicey, and generally, I wouldn’t recommend it.  So what do I do now?  I like me my brooding, stoic, Alpha males.  How did I end up with Emo Matt?  When he’s not blowing sunshine out his butt, he’s emoting all over the damned place.

So do I fix him?  Do I deny him the emotional outlet?  How much do I not want to go back there and not only be Matt in tears, but also watch and record at the same time!

How about you?  How do you feel about teary men?


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5 responses to “WOTM Update: Boys Don’t Cry

  1. seanachi

    Here is your flashlight [slaps mega Maglite in your hand]. Go write your Black Moment properly and then suck it up and go see the teary man. He’s Emo Matt. He’s going to cry. That’s not a bad thing. May suck to write for you because I know you and you’re going to be bawling while you do it, but it’ll be out and then it’ll be cathartic because you’ll be on the other SIDE of the Black Moment.

  2. A man who can cry is a great man. I like it. I’m headed to the Black Moment myself, which I call The Cave. LoL! From Joseph Campbell. Anyway, I actually got teary eyes myself today while writing, which is rare. I still cannot sleep, hence blogging. But I do need to go to bed. It’s just that my brain won’t shut down. Don’t you hate when that happens.

    Great post.

  3. Yes, handled very carefully. I’ve done this before with a character you’d NEVER see crying. I was so edgy about the way I’d written it I handed it to a proofer and she cried too.

    I have to say, sometimes characters take over and they do things that look off to you. But then, you just have to let them do their thing. I say let him cry. As long as it’s not overdone, it’s fine. And don’t beat yourself up for not writing all the time every day.

    And yeah, I should listen to my own advice sometimes!

  4. gypsykitten

    Okay, my 2 cents on crying men: I’m ok with it, so long as it’s done right.

    This is going to sound a bit odd, but I can handle a strong man crying. A weak man crying makes me want to barf. Don’t get me wrong, if that strong man cries more than twice in the course of a novel, I’m going to hurl in the trash (probably, but there are always exceptions to the rule).

    I think I actually like to see the strong, powerful, alpha man cry once in a while, because I like the contrast, and the proof the guy does have deep emotions. It esp. seems to work for me if what he’s crying about has to do with the heroine (kind of a “proves how much he loves her” thing, that Mr. Alpha will actually shed tears over her).

  5. Bri

    That’s great that the writing just started 🙂 Generally, that’s always some of the best stuff – maybe not actual grammar, but spontaneous writing like that usually leads to great ideas.

    Also – I agree with most of the comments. Generally the contrast of “alpha male” and “crying male” is fantastic. The way you talk about this story – you obviously know it – so you’ll probably handle this just right. Best of luck!

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