Quick Update on Nothing

I think you can now appreciate how much Kettle’s work habits affect mine.  What day did she finish her manuscript.  She’s been taking a well-deserved writing break, catching up on some reading and some neglected home-stuff, etc..  But without her just being around writing all the time, well, it’s even harder for me to make myself work when I really don’t want to.  Plus, I’ve still got some details to work out, and need to brainstorm, and her head just is not in my game at all right now.

But!  There is hope.  Today she said she would probably go back to writing this week.  And I sort of felt like writing earlier today, though I didn’t because I had people here pulling at me to do other things.  But said people will be going back to work and off to Mother’s Day Out (that’s like nursery school, if you will) this week, so we’ll see how it goes.

Hopefully I’ll have something to report in to 70 days with on Wednesday.  I think this has been at least 3 straight check-ins with me report ing 0. 



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3 responses to “Quick Update on Nothing

  1. gypsykitten

    I’m sheepish enough about the 0 I’ve accomplished, that I didn’t even bother doing the last 2 check-ins over at 70 Days. 😦 I know, bad. But I’m really trying to get it all together.

    I was all ready to set up my writing schedule for the week, and was pretty sure I knew where I was going, when my boss called and told me two deadlines are now weeks sooner than expected. That just blew my whole writing vibe right to hell. Still, I hope to get back on track this week.

  2. I’ve just hit another- well, to call it a snag would be the understatement of the year. (It’s at my personal.) I’m trying not to make any rash decisions about writing in general right now, but it’s hard.

  3. Bri

    I hope the brainstorming goes well and that you’ll be able to report some cool things to Sven. I’ve been spending the past few days brainstorming and slowly building word count, myself.

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