Jo Leigh’s Kidnapped!

Kidnapped!When I finally realized my mental health would benefit from picking up a book and getting away for a while instead of trying to do everything, I picked up Kidnapped! by Jo Leigh

It was a really enjoyable read.  One of the things I love about category romance is that when you find an author who knows how to write at category length, the story really moves without extra baggage to slow the pace.  That’s how this book was.  I was never bored.  I picked it off the shelf in the evening and tried to read it, and wouldn’t you know that that’s when my husband, who rarely speaks, decided to be all interactive guy.  See book, cue conversation mode.  After he went to bed, I read for a few hours, didn’t really want to put it down but did, got up this morning and finished it. 

It’s a bodyguard story; gotta love it.  Michael’s been Tate’s driver/bodyguard for about six months when the story begins, and there’s already an unspoken attraction between them.  Tate’s an heiress who’s already had two traumatic kidnapping experiences.  Her father and her own fear keep her in a very controlled and secure lifestyle which she begins to feel is keeping her from actually living.  Her therapist suggests that she try hiring a “fake” kidnapping, so that she can face her fears in a pseudo safe environment.  Michael thinks this is a lousy idea, and then everything goes wrong.

I’m not going to say any more about it, because I like to be surprised when I read.  It was a solidly good book that kept me turning the pages.  Recommended.

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