WOTM Update: Skippage

I ended up skipping over the fight last night.  During the day, I could really see the scene that follows it, so I did that instead.  I wrote a bit more than half of this scene, and left off right before they find out the thing that sends them on the run.

Right after that comes the last love scene, and who knows how long that will take me to get through.  I roughed out a speech by one of them last night. 

After that I have to get them to the place where they finally face off against the bad guys.  I’ve been hoping time, place, and circumstance would just come to me out of what’s going on.  Nothing so far.

In addition to the fight scene, I’ve got a few other little holes to go back and fill, but nothing that’s a such a big deal.  I know the end of Draft 1 is just around the bend.  I just wish I could see it.

Anyway, I’m trying to write about 1450/day to catch up on 70 Days.  I did 1534 last night.  I’m at 47315 since the challenge started (still over 6K behind where I’m supposed to be), and 83908 for this draft.

8 days left.

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