Brainstorm Update

First of all, if you’re just happening by or need the reminder, check out the Writing Challenges box in the sidebar for links to Round 2 of 70 Days of Sweat and NaNoWriMo 2007. 

As for progress, well, little by little.  I still don’t have a title for this one so I can start calling it something.  But I’ve done some work, mostly using PBW’s  Novel Notebook.  This story is set in a sort of fantasy/alternate history kind of world, which is something I don’t generally do (but have always wanted to), and it’s interesting to discover how very lazy I am at making myself sit down and figure things out.  So the notebook is definitely helping me do stuff and writing things down where I can find them again is always a good thing for someone like me.

So what’s today’s progress?  I don’t know what my Black Moment is, but I know what it will have to be about, if that makes sense to you.  I sort of saw how an early physical encounter between my h/h plays out, I know more or less where it goes in the time line, and how it affects other stuff.  In series news, I had a thought about the love interest of a background character in the current story and figured out, sort of, how I’m  going to bring that love interest into the world. 

In the last few days I’ve done a bunch of work on my h/h (that’s hero/heroine, you know that, right?) and roughed out (really rough) a plot from beginning to end.  It lacks specifics in huge ways like: “Something happens here that causes the hero to have to reveal his secret which makes him want to run the other way, but the event also forces the hero and heroine to go on the run together.”  Vagueness at a level you weren’t sure was possible.  But now you know.

So still needing to do research, work out some more of the stuff for the series as a whole, and make myself just do work.  But we’re getting there.

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