Hey There Delilah Here’s To You

Writing progress today…


I heard a song, had a spark of idea for a whole other book in which I don’t really know what happens.  Yay![unenthused]

I wrote a short piece for this-coming Wednesday and the debut of WIP Clip Wednesdays.  Sadly, since I don’t have a WIP, I had to make something up from an older idea which I thought I had written out but couldn’t find.  So that post is all ready to go, hopefully tomorrow night.  If you want to know what I’m talking about, it’s something Kettle and I came up with, a take on Friday Snippets, but we’re hoping more romance writers show up.  I wrote up an info page.  Look up.  See the tab?  K.

What else?  That’s pretty much it, I’m sorry to tell you. 

Another reminder, Nano and Sweat2.  (Look right.  See the Writing Challenges box?  K.)

That’s all I’ve got.  Goodnight.


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One response to “Hey There Delilah Here’s To You

  1. gypsykitten

    Be warned, that song will get stuck in your head something fierce! I actually bought that Plain White Ts CD just for that song. Then I infected my brother with it, and he once listened to that song on repeat for hours while working on a painting for art school.

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