Sweat 2 Begins…Somebody Save Me

So today is the first day of Seventy Days of Sweat Round 2.  Seems like that should have a catchy tagline. 

So what am I doing?  Nothing much, besides trying to give Kettle some needed encouragement.  I’m definitely not ready with my ideas and I’m glad I have another 2 weeks before Nano starts to get my stuff together.

I’ve been trying to decide when I should come out of the closet and tell you guys what I’m doing, and it’s not like I can talk about “my project” until January and manage to not mention any specifcs.  So, rather than waste a lot of time soul-searching and trying to figure out why I’m afraid to own up to it, I guess today is as an appropriate day to just tell you what I’ve been up to. 

I want to write romance about superheroes. 

There.  I said it.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.  But I haven’t felt qualified.  Hmmm, good Thursday Thirteen topic: 13 Reasons I’m not qualified to write Superhero Fic… 

Well, I was going to list some of those reasons, but changed my mind.  Anyway, not feeling qualified now, but I guess, among other things, I’m feeling like I want to work on something really challenging and since I don’t actually have, like, a career or anything to get in the way of writing whatever I damn well please, this would be a good time.  Right?

Anyway, despite the fact that I don’t read comics, don’t like most sci-fi I read, and am an idiot when it comes to all things science class and most things abstract, I love superheroes.  Love. Them.  I think I’ve got a few Thursday Thirteens that speak to that.  I love their honor, and their angst, their darkness, their loneliness, the tough choices…  I love all that stuff, and I’m finally going to give it a shot and be the drama queen I’ve always wanted to be.

Anyway, I have a premise for Book1 but no title.  I have some ideas about my world and how things work.  I have some characters and plots we’ll see in a few different stories.   I don’t have a playlist for this story which is really kicking my butt. 

That’s all the outing of my story I can handle for today.  I’ll have more specifics for you soon!

 Ps.  I really am looking for Sweat/Nano buddies who are going to take this thing seriously and intend to post about it at least once a week.  If that’s you and you’d like me to come by and read and comment, please let me know so I can add you to my sidebar.


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One response to “Sweat 2 Begins…Somebody Save Me

  1. seanchaí

    I was going to be sending you exactly that from Remy Zero when I get home. I need my own inspirational playlist. Right now I’d settle for a nap. I’ve got an hour until the end of work and nothing much to do as I am waiting on other people. So I’m gonna try to squeeze another few hundred words out so that when I go home I can NAP. And maybe not get sick…

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