Sweat 2 Update

Not a whole lot to update you on.  Still in the pre-Nano stage of not actually getting words out.

I worked on the action of the second section this week and got a bunch of scenes more or less ironed out.  So that was cool.  The way it seemed to come out, the story is broken down into 6 smaller parts, with each one more or less a matter of starting in the aftermath of a big event and moving toward another one. 

 As for feeling more comfortable in the world yet, I’m really not there.  I blogged as Colby yesterday, and I really think that helped me get a better feel for her.  I knew that part of her was sort of outgoing and had a sense of humor, but also, that a part of her was the embittered loner.  And while parts of my notes deal more with the lighter side of her, blogging as her really reminded me about the hard edges she has that we need to see too.  So characters, better, world, not so much.  Too bad I can’t blog as a world.  And if anyone suggests that I should try writing newspaper articles for it, I just might go do that, and then Kettle might have kittens (or she might say hey, great idea! and go and do likewise–there’s really no telling), so let’s just not.

ETA: Kettle claims she’s drawing the line at writing newspapers, which, folks, is what she says now

Ps.  I blame a lot of this difficulty on the fact that there is no COD playlist.  Ok, well, there is one, but so far it just has Metallica’s Unforgiven on it. 

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