Series Update

Book 2 just keeps coming at me. 

I came up with a supporting character for this book who I figured would probably get a bigger part later on. 

While I was out grocery shopping the other day, because driving is often good for my head, I had an idea for a hero.  Just a sense of a guy, what he looked like, and what his ability was.  I had to text (I’m really lousy at creating text messages, btw) the idea to Kettle to make sure I didn’t forget it. 

In notes from forever ago, I always knew there would be a child in the series.  One about whom I knew almost nothing and called “special child”.  The other night when Kettle and I were brainstorming, I decided that the child was someone they encountered on this mission that’s been giving me so much trouble.  But because the mission was failing, they weren’t able to rescue the child, so s/he would become the focus of another book.

Then I said hey, let’s put this character and this character together and have them go after the child in the next book.

And that’s how we got to doing that sort of overview of Book 2.

Last night I blogged as the heroine of that story and loved what I got from it.  I was really pleased with the complexity of the relationship.

Last night I said that I wished I was as excited about Book 1 as I am about Book 2.  This morning Kettle suggested that I just write Book 2 first.  With only a week to Nano, I just don’t know if I’m ready to jump into it, and I think it will be even better for my spending some time in their world in Book 1.

 Today, while doing that exercise thing, I got a huge amount of backstory on the hero.  Came home and spent an hour writing it down and am so excited about it.

I’m supposed to be sewing a gorgeous Halloween costume for my daughter.  In the immortal words of Dante Hicks:

“I’m not even supposed to be here today.”

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