Sweat 2 Update: Just Around the Corner

Since Tom Hanks has established for us that no one owns the phrase Just Around the Corner.  That’s where Nano is.  Lurking.

I know what I’m going to write for chapter one when I sit down to write it.  I have a good idea about some parts after that, and a vaguer idea of others, and I know how the story ends.  What more can one ask.

Admittedly, except for making sure I have some details of chapter one clear, I’ve done more on book2 than COD this week.  But these things happen.

My schedule for this week:

  • Monday-groceries, errands, planning and putting together treats for DD’s preschool class
  • Tuesday-DD’s Halloween party at school.  Must deliver costumed child and fabulous treats in a timely manner, and hope DD doesn’t do anything inappropriate with shepherdess crook.
  • Wednesday-Halloween.  Must meet husband at mall with my parents for annual trick-or-treat ritual.  Horrifically loud food court supper followed by two floors filled with a few hundred children.
  • Thursday- NaNoWriMo begins.  Need I say more.
  • Friday- Sixteen year wedding anniversary.  What to do about that?
  • Saturday- Mom’s birthday.  Ooops, almost forgot.
  • Sunday- And that brings us around to Sunday, possibly notable only for the time change which should further screw with my life and schedule.  If my daughter is currently getting up at the crack of dawn, what time is the crack of dawn going to be now?  I can never figure these things.

 So there’s the plan.  How’s yours?

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