Nano/COD Update: Day 3

Such exciting post titles for me lately.

So, what did we learn today.  Well, I learned the following:

  • One cannot intimidate the Nano site with how many times in a row one can hit refresh.  It doesn’t care.  It is not impressed.
  • When making icing, don’t just put in the listed ingredients, pay attention to the consistency.  It’s easier to add a little milk to thin it out than to add a lot of sugar to try to bring thicken it back up.  Admittedly, that’s not really a learn, that’s more of a review, and a duh at that.
  • Even when it seems like you’ve been in a scene so long that you must surely have written over two thousand words, it is very likely that you haven’t written one thousand yet.  Do not be surprised with you it see the actual number.
  • Three year olds, chocolate cake, and NanoWriMo progress do not peacefully coexist.

 Ok, that’s probably about it, really.  My hero and heroine had their first conversation.  My heroine’s just sashayed back off-stage, and my hero is standing there dumbfounded and not knowing what will happen next.  Guess which character I resemble.

I’m up to 5778 now, and losing a bit more of my lead every day. 


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4 responses to “Nano/COD Update: Day 3

  1. My hero and heroine have NOT met yet. But I’ve got one missing (dead?) father, the dumping of a boyfriend, a break-in at her house, said ex-boyfriend getting killed by intruder. Oh, and a sacrificed goat.

    Great work! Every bit you get is ground gained. Don’t think about “falling behind” or “losing your lead” but every step gained from yesterday!

  2. You’re doing great — and what Joely said! Think about every step gained. While doing NaNo, we’re all going to have days where it flows like crazy, and other days where it seems to slow to a trickle. The trick is to keep hanging in there and forging ahead!

    Happy Writing today! 🙂

  3. You’re making progress! At least you recognize when you are slowing down. That’s easy enough to fix. Just search the internet for sources of inspiration. I like checking back with Sven and seeing the numbers people are putting up. That fires up the competitive spirit.

  4. hellyamber

    LOL yes the nano site just ignored me too 😉

    Well done with the word count!

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