Nano/COD Update: Day 4

I got some time to myself this afternoon and I just passed today’s goal.  So I was happy.  I figured that tonight I could get ahead some more.  But frankly, I’m very sleepy.  It’s not coming to me, and my DD’s got a cold, so I think she’s going to wake me up…again.  So I’m taking myself off to bed.

6758 as of today.  I’m in the middle of an uncomfortable dinner situation.  The main characters can’t talk about what’s going on because there’s company.  But it still has to be worth reading, so I’m thinking that the company should bring up something in the news that will bring the fictional world into focus a bit better for us.  But I’m not inspired as to what that is.

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One response to “Nano/COD Update: Day 4

  1. Great work, Susan! I hope DD’s cold is better. Littlest Monster was sick 4 days last week… I’m hoping I don’t get it!!

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