Nano/COD Update: Day 6

You know, I like to write in scenes.  I write from beginning to end and then I’m wiped.

So it seems to be a bit of an issue that scenes for me are rarely more than 1600 words.

Anyway, 1632 today to total 10009.  That makes me happy.  My heroine told the hero why she was there, which, of course, he didn’t take so well.  But neither she nor I expected him to.  She because she read his file, and I because I’m just all about the conflict and I know it.

So I sat down to write out some notes to get me throught the next scene.  I wrote some general impressions of the head of the bad guy agency and then WHAM!

Um, if the bad guy agency has someone inside the good guy’s secret mountain compound (such that they have the information they’re about to discuss in this scene), why don’t they just get its location from the aforementioned traitor and wipe them out?

Yeah, so my outline has a bit of a flaw, huh?  I think I’m too stunned by my own stupidity to think my way around this right now.  Right now it feels important to me that they actually don’t discover the location, as opposed to being able to get that information but feeling like other goals are more important right now.  So I don’t know what to do and I think a simple solution is right there and I’m too sick and miserable and pissed off right now to see it.

And aside from how lousy that last paragraph was, I’m not really in that bad a mood.  Not really.  I am, however, out of it to the point of senseless babble.


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8 responses to “Nano/COD Update: Day 6

  1. ladysavant

    I think writing that way is a great aproach. I tend to write like mad ten minutes at a time. LOL You are over today’s goal so I say it’s working good.

    I don’t know how the good guys organization is set up but the inside guy could really be a field agent and not privy to the exact location of the compound. Just throwing out the thought. I know sometimes when people do that for me I go, not quite but this other thing will work great. hehehe The mind is a wonderful, scary thing. >:)

  2. Oh Susan, hang in there! I thought something similar had happened to me the other day — I thought I’d discovered a logic hole in my story big enough to pilot a starship through — but after I brainstormed it out loud with my hubby I figured out that it doesn’t need to be a logic hole at all — it can actually be an important thing which feeds into the story, gives it power.

    When I tried to think through it in my head, or to write down ideas. all I found was fog. But when I started talking out loud about it, the solution came clear — maybe you could do some out loud brainstorming. Brainstorming out loud kind of jogs another part of the brain, and it worked for me.

    Good luck! 🙂

  3. Exactly. It doesn’t _quite_ work with something I had hoped to do later in the story (have the traitor on the inside try to recruit another character) but I’m hoping that I’ll at least find my way to the right track.

    Thanks for the idea!

  4. TL- a story of hope! Thanks. I will definitely give that a try!

  5. I’m sure it’ll all work itself out in your head. The question that’s been working the best for me is “How can I make this WORSE?” So maybe the bad guys should know exactly where the compound is. Doesn’t mean they have to destroy it right away–maybe they’re using them? Deliberately misleading them? You could play it a dozen different ways. WHile the good guys have no clue….

  6. You think like me!

    Here’s what I try to do… I don’t always stick to this schedual, but of the scheduals I’ve tried, this is the easiest on for me. Here it goes:

    First off:

    I do not write in chapters.

    I do not write to a set “hours per day”

    I do not write to a set “words per day”

    What I do is, I write small segments or scenes from my book. Say a conversation between two characters. Or maybe the description of a room. Something like that. I find this easier, because I can see a very clear beginning, middle, and end. Not the beginning, middle, and end of the entire book. Not the beginning, middle and end of the entire chapter. Just the beginning, middle, and end of that one scene, which in most cases is 2 to 4 paragraphs long or about 600 – 800 words.

    I make it my goal to write three of these segmants each day. One in the morning as soon as I wake up, before I even get out of bed. One in the afternoon, when I get back in from taking my dog out for his daily walk. One in the evening, last thing just before going to bed. It takes about 15 – 30 minutes for me to write each segment. Or about 40 minutes to an hour and a half each day. In the end I end up with about 2,750 words written at the end of the day. That is, if I actualy sit down and write at all! I should be writing my NaNoNovel right now, cause I haven’t written anything yet today, but instead I find myself reading blogs from other NaNoers. LOL! Some days it’s just hard to get motivated to start writing.

    Anyways, When you take it and break it down into tiny chunks like this, it seems like you haven’t written very much at all, when in fact you have gone well above and beyound your word count goal. I hope this helps. Good luck with your story!


  7. hellyamber

    doh! Don’t you hate that? Good luck, at least you noticed it before you had written a whole scene – now you’ll have time to figure out a plausible reason why they haven’t destroyed the compound – more twisty plot!

    By the way, I loved the excerpt you posted in your Wednesday snippet! The intro got me interested before I even read the actual scene.

  8. Joely- How can I make it worse? is a really good question. I’m going to start trying to remember that in general.

    EK- Thanks for taking the time to write that out for me. I’m very much a one scene per day person, and it usually works well for me. The Nano wordcount breaking down to a bit more than I usually come up with has been sort of a shock to my system. I’ll definitely give your ideas about breaking the scene down further some thought!

    hellyamber- down with the twisty plot. Most days I don’t even have the brain energy to read ’em, let alone try to write one. (Though when you read one that’s is well designed that way on purpose, Wow, it’s fabulous and blows you away, doesn’t it?) Thanks for the snippet love. I needed it.

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