Nano/COD Update: Day 7

So my update for yesterday.  Hard hit by the plague, and even though I had to spend most of the day being still so I could keep breathing, I didn’t get much writing done.  It should have been a good time to get ahead, but I just couldn’t think straight. 

 By the end of the day, I was only able to come up with 755 words.  Which is far better than nothing.  It means I only have to write 2572 today to catch up instead of 3334. 

Ok, that was my attempt at positive thinking.  How’d I do?

So the thing that didn’t make sense?  I skipped it.  I know a reasonable answer is there and I just refuse to see it right now.  The thing about the traitor, as well as coming up briefly later in the story, is really a background thread for the series.  So it’s not critical that it be here for me to move on.  Skip!  Then I checked my outline and was supposed to write about my heroine going about town talking to people and finding out stuff about Mac.  Oh, I forgot about that.  The fact that I forgot it makes me wonder if it’s important, or if it’s just fill.  Since I couldn’t think of a way to make it important (like I wanted to write the dinner scene from my snippet yesterday, so I forced new reader info into it, which was easy and worked) I decided to just skip that too, for now.  Maybe I’ll come back and fill it in with things about Mac and thoughts from Colby that I fail to illustrate any other way.  And maybe I just won’t write it at all. 

So what the heck did I do?  Not much, like I said.  Mac came home from work and had some words with Colby.  I established that it’s his regular poker night and it’s his turn to host, and he can’t get out of it because everyone wants to come gawk at the fake girlfriend and he’s pissed off an worried. 

I did have him pull his shirt off as he stalked down the hall to the shower.  It was gratitous because we were in his head and there was no one there to see it but me.  But a girl needs to get her kicks somewhere.

Speaking of which, romance stuff is on the horizon, action too, and, beyond that, immersion into the superhero world.  Trying to remember to be excited about that.

I’m at 10764.  How’re you Sweaters and Nanoers doing (and those of you who don’t need a challenge to get stuff done too)?

 P.s. If you didn’t visit Joely Sue Burkhart’s blog yesterday, she had an interesting post that included her storyboard and a collage of inspirational stuff for her story.   Which, of course, made me want to show you whom Mac and Colby resemble.


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8 responses to “Nano/COD Update: Day 7

  1. seanchaí

    That’s good! Remember the positive. And there can never be enough gratuitous shirtless scenes with hot heroes. Feel better!

  2. gypsykitten

    Being sick sucks, hope you’re feeling much better soon! 🙂

    Shirtless scenes with hunky heros? Bring ’em on. I think we could all use much more. Esp. if you’re modeling your hero on Matthew McConahey (sp..). I love that pic.. it’s probably from when he did the movie Sahara… which I also love.

    And thanks for all the encouragement. I’m not giving up, but I am pausing to do what I should have done all along… use some plotting and character tools and get a better idea where the heck I’m going… I’m hopeful I can do that today, and may some this evening, that maybe tomorrow I could start writing actual story again.

  3. Will have to remember that those scenes are wanted and put it in the heroine’s POV next time so there can be description.

    Generally, not a big fan of Mr. M. whose name I can’t spell either. But that picture’s pretty perfect.

    GK- glad to hear you’re not giving up. And if you’re just spinning your wheels, I think it makes a lot of sense to set yourself down and figure out where to go. Hope you back on track soon!

  4. Oooh, I love your casting! I hope you feel better today. Hugs.

  5. I hope you’re feeling better today, Joely! And great casting choices! 🙂

    Yeah, sometimes it’s better to just go on and keep writing the story, and figure out snarls later — sometimes the more you write your story, the closer you get to the answers to your questions.

    I’m doing well — daily word counts have been 1700-1850 last few days. What I’ve been doing is writing chapter by chapter, stopping while I have plot momentum to carry me into the next day of writing. So far so good!

  6. Oh ACK, I’m so sorry — I typed “Joely” when I meant to type Susan — don’t worry, I didn’t forget your name! 🙂 I had “Joely” on my mind because I’m getting ready to check out the link to her post.

  7. No worries, TL. My fingers often get ahead of me too. Thanks for the good wishes and glad to hear it’s still going well for you.

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