Nano/COD Update: Day 8

I did another little bit this afternoon.  Officially I’m at 11580, although I’ve got another 500 or so words written in the scene I’m currently (not) working.

I got an email from a municiple liason today in which she talked about Week Two and how it’s said to be the hardest week of Nano.  She said, amongst other things, that Week Two is the week in which you may come to feel that you are writing the worst novel ever.

And I thought, nah.  For one thing, I’m pretty sure I’ve already written the worst novel ever, so this probably isn’t it, and besides that, I’ve read an awful lot of crap in my life which often serves to make me feel better.

Then, just now, BAM.  It hit me.  I was sitting here, pondering something other than Nano for a while, and next thing I know

Damn!  My story totally sucks. 

So I don’t know, either I need to figure out how to fix it up, or I just need to get over it and move on.

Anyone else have this happen this week?


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4 responses to “Nano/COD Update: Day 8

  1. ladysavant

    I think that a lot! he he I keep reminding myself that it doesn’t matter. Just getting the gist down is what is important in the rough draft. I can work out any problems, large or small, when I go back and edit it. =) It’s worked so far. Now if I can just stop trying to save all my friends form themselves I might get something written. I love them all but this week has been a real pip. I am hoping that after week two is over things will pick back up writing wise.

    Your word count is still manageable. You’re doing fine. I am sure you will catch right back up when you feel better. *Hugs* Get well soon.

  2. I haven’t hit the sucky part yet — that always strikes me later, when I’m in the dark moment of the story with the characters. Every word is just agony, then.

    I took this morning off and slept in until 6:00. Now I feel guilty, but it sure felt nice to catch up a little on my sleep! I’ll have to cram forward this weekend to make up.

  3. Joely- Yeah, it hit me hard there in the last story. I was just like, man, I don’t want to go to work today. Everything sucks there.

  4. Oh, Susan — I think maybe you ought to hang in there with that story. Like ladysavant said, NaNo is for getting down the raw rough draft. Then when you’ve got that, you can go back and edit and polish and revise all you need to.

    I hear you on the “my story sucks” syndrome — my NaNo novel is so far so good, but I wrote a rough draft for the first round of Seventy Days of Sweat pretty much by the seat of my pants, and I didn’t really know where I was going for that story. So as I wrote, it kept coming apart until I happened on what the story really needed to be. I plugged on to the end of it, and now it needs more revisions than any other rough draft I’ve ever written, but I see the glimmer of a story and I think I can pull it out.

    I think of rough drafting as getting the raw materials all in one place, and then of editing/revisions as applying the sculptor’s tools.

    Hang in there!

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