Nano/COD Update: Day 10

No new stats to report.  Someday, maybe I’ll learn how to handle writing and my brain chemistry, but after beating myself up pretty good the other day, I’ve just taken a break. 

I figured out that if I wrote 2K per day from now on I would still make it.  That sort of made me feel better.

Right now, though, my mind’s just blank.  And that’s an improvement.


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2 responses to “Nano/COD Update: Day 10

  1. Sometimes a person’s just got to let their brain take a break. I hope tomorrow finds you feeling recharged again! And in the meantime, relax and enjoy your break. 😀

  2. I agree–take a break. Regroup tomorrow. It’s not the end of world!! Don’t beat yourself up about it. Enjoy the story, enjoy the writing, or why even bother?

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