No News Not Necessarily Good

I haven’t written anything since my last post.  I haven’t even tried.  Every time I think about it, I feel vaguely uneasy.  I’ve made up a bunch of dresses for my Etsy shop which I’ll be listing over the next few days, so I haven’t been wholly unproductive, and I was behind on that too.

I hope my Nano and Sweat buddies are doing well.  I’ll try to get around to see you soon.


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4 responses to “No News Not Necessarily Good

  1. Hi Susan

    I’m sure the words will come to you soon and you’ll be writing again. I know that for me, it’s sometimes not a good idea to force my writing… as it ends up coming out all wrong!

    All the best


  2. hellyamber

    Good luck! I hope your muse comes back in full force. I didn’t write anything on Tuesday then only managed a couple of hundred words yesterday. Today I managed to pound out 2405, so it will come back.

  3. Hang in there, Susan. Your subconscious mind is probably solving whatever is bugging you about the wip. When it’s time to get back to it, you’ll know!

  4. Susan, I’m sorry that the writing is in a holding pattern right now, but I agree with Joely: your subconscious mind is working away on either the problems in that story, or on a new story. During the three month long writing slump I went through last spring, it was so bad I wondered if I’d ever write another book again. But once I got through it, I’ve gotten on a real roll, and it’s because all that time I felt slumped, my subconscious was building up “story material” for me to use when the time was right.

    Hang in there! It will come back.

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