Kait Nolan, IRL

Mwahahaha! Here it is, the unauthorized, inside look paranormal romance author, Kait Nolan. Without pics, sadly, because that seems rude.

Of course, if you’ve ever read here before, you know that Kait = Kettle, my critique partner and best friend, and that we’ve been joined at the virtual hip since we met online a few years ago. (Want to know how long, ask K, because things with numbers….I’m not so good.)

K came to see me a few years ago and we had a really good time watching movies, half of the first season of Veronica Mars, and continuing to chat online on our laptops even though we were in the same room. I had to wait to return the visit until my daughter got a little older. So it’s interesting–to me–to note that we did no online chatting with each other this time, and, in fact, were online and social FAR less than we are normally. I did chat a bit with Zoe a few times when she popped up, K kept up with her blogging, but we were not at all in our usual routine of get up, open the laptop and a chat window, say good morning… and then we’re just in and out there until “goodnight”. ) This weekend we got to do that without the keyboard! It’s a lot of speaking for someone like me, but we had such a fantastic time. We watched one, count it, one movie, Some Kind of Wonderful. Because, really, watching this movie is mandatory for knowing what I’m talking about, and there was no way she was ever going to buckle down and watch it without me standing over her. But other than that, the TV was just not on all weekend.

So… what are some things I can tell you about Kait? When she says her house is small, she’s not lying. When she says she really doesn’t have enough room for anything else, this is true. It’s very cozy, her decorating is very warm, it’s a pretty house, but I can understand why she’s feeling like she wants to find someplace to stretch out a bit. When she says she’s a good cook–also true. And while she did put some vegetables on my plate at various times, we also had cookies (well, she eats her cookies raw) for a dinner and a breakfast. This, along with the discussion: Being a Grown-Up Rocks. Finally, when she tells you that she is not a morning person, oh, my, goodness, people. It is a pitiful thing to see this poor creature struggle to wakefulness every day. Bless her heart.

There was work done. Hurray! Part of the purpose of my visit, and the reason I was so crazed to finish my first draft, was to work through some of my revisions. Most of what I need help on is the action stuff. Being girly, my natural inclination is to kind of put my hands over my eyes and say “Tell me when it’s over.” This, unfortunately, is reflected in my draft in which I basically wave vaguely at the fact that there’s a fight or battle going on and…tell you when it’s over. Having a writing buddy who is your opposite compliment in so many ways–a salt and pepper sort of thing, I guess–is awesome when it comes to stuff like this. And I got to see how when Kait does fight choreography, there are detailed drawings, laying out the field of play, there’s active pacing about the room, miming fight moves… Let me just say that it’s quite a show and I have fantastic notes to work with when I get home. I hope I can do them justice.

So this morning, since I AM a morning person, I’m sitting around typing a blog post, which I so rarely get around to doing at home, while I wait for Kait to get ready to go to work. That’s why I’m headed out for the 7-8 hour drive back home. On the way, I hope to stop off and visit Zoe again. I did that on the way down, and it was SUCH a fun hour or so that I spent with her in her nearly infamous frozen yogurt hangout. If you follow her on Twitter, you’ll soon suspect froyo addiction. Zoe is really so bubbly and fun in person, although reaching that 12yo mallrat constant giggle point in public does make me a bit self-conscious about ever meeting her in the same place twice. I really hope that the three of us can get together at some point, although I will not plan on getting any actual work done.

So, I hope I haven’t bored you too much. I mean, I know that often hearing about someone else’s vacation is a big yawnfest. Once I get home I’ll be tackling the harder revisions and also starting my campaign to get K, and maybe even Z, up to my house sometime soonish.


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2 responses to “Kait Nolan, IRL

  1. Kait Nolan

    March 2007 (pulls date out of fuzzy brain).

    And I have to say you are awesome guest even though you are morning person because you totally RESPECT the not being a morning person (so many morning people do not).


  2. LOLz. I love that people think I’m bubbly and fun in person cause I think people online think I’m an egomaniac/psycho. I try to tone that down some with my podcast. But then I just sound like a chipmunk on speed. So, what can you do?

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