Give Me A Sign

In our last episode (episode not being a bad word at all), you may recall that I was having to be talked down from Angst Level Magenta about the upcoming self-release of my first novel, Hush Money. I try not to be a superstitious person in general, though it’s not always easy. Certainly a little validation, a little “yes, you’re on the right track” from the Universe is appreciated whenever it comes.

So imagine my happiness last night when I cracked open my fortune cookie and this just fell into my lap:

I kid you not [inserts pictorial evidence]. And, despite what I said above about superstition, I have always had great faith in fortune cookie wisdom. This was a sign the Universe knows I cannot ignore.

And why is it so obvious that this fortune was meant for me, not the 4 other people at the dinner table, nor the 4,000 other people who might have received it?

Because I write about Talents.

The series I’m working on is called Talent Chronicles, and my story world, as I mentioned yesterday, is one in which a segment of the population develops supernatural abilities. As a natural course of events, this leads to things like fear and a desire to control. The government forms, as it is wont to do, an entity to deal with this serious issue: the National Institutes for Ability Control or NIAC. As far as our heroes and heroines are concerned, NIAC and its agents are essentially the boogeyman for much of the series. While others may call them by various names, some rather rude, our friends in my world refer to themselves as Talents.

The world will soon be ready to receive your Talents.

Can you believe that?

I really want to.

P.S. Give Me A Sign is a song layered in awesomesauce. Just sayin’.


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2 responses to “Give Me A Sign

  1. Kait Nolan

    So the pep talks weren’t quite enough and intervention by universe was required. Okay. I see how it is…


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