10 Ways You Know A Story Was Written By Me

I got this meme from Stacey Benefiel, author of Glimpse and the forthcoming Glimmer (which, upon writing this, I realized I have on my machine to crit and haven’t finished it yet, inspiring the this tweet).

The Meme goes as follows:

Fellow authors, spread the meme:

1. Write a blog post about ten ways you know a story was written by you.

2. Then comment on this post with the link to your post!

2a. Or just write your answers as comments, below. But that’s less fun.

Like chain mail, but with blog posts. Easy as that.

So, 10 ways you’ll know I wrote it:

10. The hero manages to find some reason to feel bad about himself.

9. Even when the hero isn’t supposed to be the focus, he starts to take over the book.

8. Dialogue has a certain 80s flair. Like, totally.

7. The government abuses its power and some of its citizens.

6. Someone wants to save the world, or just do the right thing, but someone else just wants to save their own ass, or possibly the girl, who may have a fi–oh, never mind.

5. You go, “Oh, this is like the X-men…only…not…”

4. Someone is not who they appear to be.

3. The hero and heroine are obviously meant to be together, even if it takes them a while to figure it out. They will never be confused about maybe they like someone else. Nope. Not in this world.

2. There is some kind of theme regarding self-acceptance and/or redemption.

And the number one reason you’ll know I wrote the story…

1. When you go, “Hey, this sounds familiar. Isn’t this a Breaking Benjamin album?”

No, silly, it’s all of them.

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One response to “10 Ways You Know A Story Was Written By Me

  1. Great Meme! I’ve just done mine 🙂

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